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Sauna Heaters & Sauna Stoves

Sauna Heaters & Sauna StovesWelcome to Heaters4Saunas!   We area  Division of  the Northern Lights Group, a leader in manufacturing western red cedar sauna kits for indoor and outdoor use, exporting across the globe.  We use only the finest components in both our cedar  wood selection as well as sauna heaters and sauna stoves

At Heaters4Saunas, we have created a factory-direct and easy-to-use online store that allows our customers and other sauna enthusiast to purchase quality sauna heaters and sauna stoves at great prices.We also have the best prices on our DIY Sauna Kits.  These DIY saunas use same great sauna heaters and can be purchased in any size including custom sauna room sizing.

At Heaters4Saunas you will find a great selection of electric sauna heaters, wood fired sauna heaters as well as Infrared sauna heaters. We also supply a wide range of different sauna accessories and replacement sauna parts, such as sauna buckets, cleaners, as well as, specialty sauna sealant.  We have a great inventory and normally we are able to ship out next day or even same day !

We also have a great selection of sauna showers to complement any sauna rooms!

We have many great sauna articles as well as an up to date sauna blog on various sauna topic, from building sauna rooms to selecting the correct sauna stove.  Please feel free to join our community and start a blog on a sauna topic of your choice.

We are a family business with family values.  We are also sauna enthusiast by heart and share the passion of saunas.  If you have any questions or need a sauna kit or sauna heaters or sauna stoves please call us any time at 1 800 759 8990. 


Dan Jung - President

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