Cleaning a sauna

Cleaning a Sauna

An important part of maintaining a sauna is proper and periodic cleaning of your sauna.  A Sauna Room is a harsh environment that consists of high temperature and acidic body perspiration.  Sweat contains salts and bacteria that can damage the wood in the sauna and lead to bad odors. 

A sauna should be wiped down with water after every use.  However periodically a sauna should get a good cleaning.  Special sauna cleaner should be used to wipe down the surfaces to ensure bacteria and body sweat is completely removed. 

Dilute the special sauna cleaner in a bucket of lukewarm water according to the instructions on the bottle, only a small cap full is needed.  Then using a soft brush or cloth lightly scrub the surface of the sauna wood that is in contact with the body.  When you are done rinse the surface with clean water.

This should be done once per week or more often if the use is heavy.  Our nontoxic sauna cleaner will not stain or leave any toxic residue.  Never use soaps or other household chemicals as they can damage the soft fibrous wood and leave toxic residues.

Regular cleaning of a sauna will protect your investment and ensure that your sauna continues to smell like it did when it was new!