Cold Plunge Pool with a Sauna

A sauna heats the body and as a result blood flows to the skin’s surface to cool the body. The opposite of this is to cool the body causing the blood vessels to constrict blood flow to the skin to protect the core body temperature. In the case of the heating the heart rate increases and when cooling the body, it decreases. The tradition of contrast therapy or hot to cold (immersion therapy) has been known to have great medical benefits including creating a natural analgesic affect that can alleviate joint pain and recover stressed muscles. It has been documented that contrast therapy can increase the body’s immune system and strength the heart.

While a cold shower can be used, special cold plunge tubs are more effective as they have a much quicker effect as the entire body is surrounded by cold. Quickly dipping your entire body for 1-2 minutes can initially be shocking but with an elevated body temperature from the sauna the effects are not as extreme and immersion therapy can actually be welcoming!

While a cold plunge with a sauna can be very beneficial to your health, you should certainly consult with your doctor if you feel that you suffer from heart conditions as the added stress to the bodies circulation system could increase risk.