Using Water on an Electric Sauna Heater

Did you know that it is a myth that a sauna heater can not be used with water?  As a mater of fact all electric sauna heaters can be used with water.  Ever been to a hotel and they have a sign up warning you of possible shock hazard?  This is just scare tactic! No commercial sauna would be wired in such a way that water on the rocks could provide a shock.  Sauna heaters have been designed to produce steam by adding water on the sauna rocks. The question is whether you want the humid hot temperature feeling or a dry hot heat feeling?  It is just a matter of choice.

When adding water to the rocks of the sauna be careful not to add too much at once and be sure to use a sauna ladle. The steam is very hot, and a steam burn can happen quickly to bare skin. You also do not want to pour too much water on a sauna heater that will result in the water cooling off the rocks quickly reducing the heat in the sauna. If you are adding water to a sauna heater, be sure to ask the owner if a drain on the floor has been added as this might be another reason, they do not want you to get the interior all wet.

Water on a sauna heater is a matter of choice. However, one should mention that putting water on sauna heater may potentially reduce the life of the sauna element. This is typically why in commercial environments the owner's do not want you to put water on the sauna rocks.