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Sauna Buckets – The Art of Sauna Bathing


The sauna goes back 1000s of years and was invented in Finland, where it remains as the countries number one pastime. Little has changed over the years in sauna bathing technique, as saunas continue to provide health benefits for its millions of users.

The sauna is a unique room in which both heat and humidity are used to create an environment that causes the body to sweat. Perhaps the most important tool found in every sauna is the sauna bucket.  Sauna buckets are used to store water in the sauna.  This water is used as a tool for many things that occur in the saunas:

  1. The bather gently ladles water from the sauna bucket on to rocks to produce steam or humidity.  In Finnish saunas terms this is called löyly which translates to - ‘spirit, breath, soul'.

  2. The bather uses the water in the sauna bucket to cool the body.  Pouring colder water from the sauna bucket on to oneself helps reduce the body temperature.

  3. The water from the sauna bucket is also used to keep the hair damp.  The hot environment of a sauna can result in hair damage if not kept moist.  Keeping the hair damp will prevent any damage and help aid in proper hair growth.

  4. The water from sauna buckets when applied at the beginning of a sauna will help open the skins pores and start the sweating process.  Water will help the bather start to sweat quicker.  It is the process of sweating that gives the sauna its health benefits!

  5. Water is often applied to the sauna seats and sauna walls to cool them off before sitting down.  The water is ladled from the sauna bucket to the area where the bather will be sitting.  This helps keep the wood clean and prevent any burning of the skin should the sauna be too hot.

  6. Rinsing off.  At the end of a sauna session some bathers will poor the entire contents of a sauna bucket over their body.  This rinses off the sweat and cools down the body so that upon exiting the sauna they do not continue to perspire.

As you can see the sauna bucket is a must for any sauna bather. These sauna pails come in many different sizes and shapes and come with a matching ladle to disperse the water. Ensure that the ladle has a long shaft so that you can apply water on the sauna without getting a steam burn.

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